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Oath for quality

Fine Art/Giclée canvas - that's premium quality, long-lasting type of canvas, which is used by museums and galleries around the world.

That means, if you ask: "how long will it last?", we DON'T tell you to "go ask the guys who made the inks". We bear personal responsibility for the quality of Fine Art canvas.

Most of the printing companies can only offer generic canvas made without love.

It's the opposite of Fine Art class canvas, for which we only use top-grade material and manufacturer-certified inks.

It's a process that requires not only great attention to details and love, but also patience - it's a long and careful work, taking up to 1 week. We don't accept express orders.

Because there's nowhere to rush with Fine Art canvases. They should be treated in the same way as you do with a glass of good, matured wine.

Besides Fine Art canvas, we also offer a wide range of other products with Van Gogh style: phone cases, tablet cases, cushions, tote bags, towels, mugs, t-shirts, greeting cards, flip flops, sport (drawstring) bags, backpacks. More products will be added as time goes on.

These products also have lower pricing points compared to Fine Art canvas, therefore available to a wider audience of Van Gogh art lovers. But it doesn't mean that other products are of lower quality - they simply cost less to make. We enforce premium quality standards for all of our products.

QUALITY COMPARISON of canvases. In the pictures below, you can see close-up pictures of a particular part of canvas prints. The first print (on the left) is made by us, while the other two are made by other competing companies. One of them charges almost the same retail price as we do, so with full honesty we can say they're a total rip off, because our quality is as different as day and night.

Also, it's important to mention that these pictures were taken after 6 weeks of manufacturing date of each canvas. In the beginning, the other two canvases looked more or less acceptable, but the spoilage and color fade only appeared after some time. Only our canvas remained the same - bright, vivid and beautiful as it was in the beginning.

So never judge the quality of canvas on the same day as you received it. This is a trick used by many manufacturers - because they know many people are buying canvas as gift to somebody else (rather than for themselves), so the buyers are not going to notice how it fades away. Wait at least 6 weeks - only then you can compare.